Christmas and New Year pony postcard 2021

21. 12. 2021 Jamis

Do you wish to send someone an original winter holiday greeting card with the My Little Pony theme? Just tell us the recipient’s name and address and in a few days, the recipient (anywhere in the world) will receive a postcard with Miss Libussa, the mascot of Czequestria, and the city of Prague – with your message attached!

And if we are still within the event budget, sending the postcard is free of charge – voluntary contribution to our transparent bank account (info in the link above) is appreciated.

Miss Libussa - Winter pony postcard 2021
Miss Libussa – Winter pony postcard 2021; art by: MesuYoru

10th Winter Karaoke Party (2021) – thank you! (also photos and videos)

Winter Karaoke party 2021 - banner; art by Light
Winter Karaoke party 2021; art by Light

Thanks to the organizers, volunteers, sound engineers, graphic designers, and other helpers who participated in the preparations for this CZ/SK brony community 10th-year traditional pre-Christmas meeting!

Thanks to all the visitors that they arrived and showed their support to us in these difficult times! We appreciate it a lot!

Our thanks also go to those who immortalized this year’s meeting in videos and photos! Links to photo and video galleries are listed below in this post.

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MelodicPony In Memoriam – Live Performance

10. 12. 2021 Jamis

MelodicPony was a composer of symphonic music inspired by My Little Pony, known to bronies all around the world. In 2014, however, he suddenly died. His dream was to record the music with a live orchestra. Help us turn his dream into reality!

The crowdfunding campaign was launched today to support this project – will you contribute to it as we did? The project is not organized by us (our thanks to Bori for doing this), but has our full trust and support!

Details about the project can be found on HitHit, Twitter, and Facebook.

Tickets for the 10th Winter Karaoke party are now available!

Miss Libussa - tickets

The long wait for another big brony meetup is almost over – in less than two weeks we will meet together at the 10th Winter Karaoke party (2021)! If you want to participate, don’t forget to buy a ticket whose sale has just started! Due to current measures, the number of participants in the event (including organizers and volunteers) is limited to 100 people, so it is likely that they will be sold out earlier than in previous years.

Sponsorship tickets are available now, Standard tickets will be on sale a day later.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the annual meetup in pre-Christmas time!

>> Buy tickets here <<

At the same time, we opened the registration of vendors – you can find the application form link on the Winter Karaoke Party – vendoring page.

10th Winter Karaoke Party (2021) – tickets and details

Miss Libussa - info

The date of this year’s Winter Karaoke party is getting close fast! Despite the fact that the current events can be explained as an unexpected visit from Equestria (Hi, Discord!), this year’s 10th annual meeting of CZ/SK bronies and their friends will take place according to the original plan!

Ticket sales start on Sunday, December 5, 2021, at 7:00 p.m.

This year will be specific due to the current situation, so we strongly recommend reading the information for the 10th Winter Karaoke Party (2021), especially the Rules for attendees and info about the tickets sale – compared to previous years, the Sponsor ticket will be on sale first; the Standard ones will be released for sale later. The reason is the fact that the number of people on the spot is limited (by current anti-epidemic measures) to 100 participants and organizers.