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Crowdfunding (not only) from Czequestria 2019 for reduced prices

If you missed some crowdfunding items from this, but also the previous Czequestria, few pieces are still available – now for reduced prices and with a personal pick-up at this year’s Winter Karaoke Party! If you are interested, be sure to check out the current offer at

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We have some this year Czequestria t-shirts (Patrician and Senator tickets design) left, but those will be available for sale on the spot only (for now). If you need to send purchased items by mail, please contact us directly by e-mail at

8th Winter Karaoke Party (2019) completely sold out!

Christmas are just around the corner and the annual meeting of the CZ/SK bronies community  is already knocking at the door.

Although the Winter Karaoke Party is sold out a week in advance every year, this year’s interest has exceeded our expectations (yes even more than in previous years). So even if we are really pleased with your interest (next time we will probably need a bigger venue), the capacity of the place is still limited…

All tickets are sold out and there will be no more tickets for sale on-site!

Thanks all participants for their interest and we are looking forward to see you in two weeks!

8th Winter Karaoke Party (2019) – where and when we meet this year

MLP: FiM series is over, we stay! Whatever you think about the end of season nine, it turned out that the bronies did not disappear after the finale, so why stop doing what we have been doing for many years?

We are pleased to announce that this year we are preparing for you the 8th Winter Karaoke Party!

Details, registration and so on will come later – but in order to make it possible for you to schedule this traditional pre-Christmas meeting of all CZ/SK bronies and their friends, we publish the date and place here in advance.

8. Winter Karaoke Party (2019)

When:  Friday 13th December 2019 (pre-party, 18:00–23:00) and Saturday 14th December 2019 (Main event, 11:00–22:00)
Where:  Friday (in progress); Saturday – Sokolovna Řepy, Prague, Czech Republic (map)
For whom: everyone!
Discussions:, Discord server