Robert Cullen – visit from the world of “MLP: A New Generation”

Robert Cullen
Robert Cullen
“MLP: A New Generation” director
Robert Cullen - MLP G5 OC
As a character from MLP G5;
art by

As My Little Pony Universe recently expanded into a new environment, characters, and plot, so did the circle of those who give the world of Equestria the look as we know it. We are therefore honored to welcome to Czequestria one of the MLP 5th generation team members, who is none other than Robert Cullen, the director of “MLP: A New Generation” and the founder of the Boulder Media animation studio!

Although his name might not sound very familiar to most Bronies, the fifth-generation pilot is definitely not his first encounter with the MLP world.

Check out the Czequestria guests page for info on where it was and how he further participated in the pilot film of the fifth generation of My Little Pony.

Ticket sale for Czequestria 2022 is now open

Miss Libussa 2022 - tickets

It took a while but waiting for tickets is over! To get them, just open the Tickets page and click on the “Buy” button next to the name of the specific ticket tier (if you do not see the button, reload the page).

The sales system has undergone many improvements since the last time: for bank transfer payments, you can use also the QR code (for payments from a mobile banking app), which is displayed after a successful registration. This works both for payments in Czech crowns and euros.

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Also, if you view our site on a mobile phone, it should be much clearer than before, and the same applies to the ticket system.

Anyway… the Tickets is the page you are looking for now!

10th Winter Karaoke Party (2021) – thank you! (also photos and videos)

Winter Karaoke party 2021 - group photo; author: Blue Storm
Winter Karaoke party 2021 – group photo; author: Blue Storm

Thanks to the organizers, volunteers, sound engineers, graphic designers, and other helpers who participated in the preparations for this CZ/SK brony community 10th-year traditional pre-Christmas meeting!

Thanks to all the visitors that they arrived and showed their support to us in these difficult times! We appreciate it a lot!

Our thanks also go to those who immortalized this year’s meeting in videos and photos! Links to photo and video galleries are listed below in this post.

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Tickets for the 10th Winter Karaoke party are now available!

Miss Libussa - tickets

The long wait for another big brony meetup is almost over – in less than two weeks we will meet together at the 10th Winter Karaoke party (2021)! If you want to participate, don’t forget to buy a ticket whose sale has just started! Due to current measures, the number of participants in the event (including organizers and volunteers) is limited to 100 people, so it is likely that they will be sold out earlier than in previous years.

Sponsorship tickets are available now, Standard tickets will be on sale a day later.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the annual meetup in pre-Christmas time!

>> Buy tickets here <<

At the same time, we opened the registration of vendors – you can find the application form link on the Winter Karaoke Party – vendoring page.

10th Winter Karaoke Party (2021) – tickets and details

Miss Libussa - info

The date of this year’s Winter Karaoke party is getting close fast! Despite the fact that the current events can be explained as an unexpected visit from Equestria (Hi, Discord!), this year’s 10th annual meeting of CZ/SK bronies and their friends will take place according to the original plan!

Ticket sales start on Sunday, December 5, 2021, at 7:00 p.m.

This year will be specific due to the current situation, so we strongly recommend reading the information for the 10th Winter Karaoke Party (2021), especially the Rules for attendees and info about the tickets sale – compared to previous years, the Sponsor ticket will be on sale first; the Standard ones will be released for sale later. The reason is the fact that the number of people on the spot is limited (by current anti-epidemic measures) to 100 participants and organizers.

10th Winter Karaoke Party (2021)

Winter Karaoke party 2021 - banner; art by Light
Winter Karaoke party 2021; art by Light

When: Saturday 18th December 2021 (Main event, 10:00–22:00)
Where: Sokolovna Řepy, Prague, Czech Republic (map)
Rules of participation: according to the current regulation, the number of people on the spot is limited to 100; for details, see the Rules.
Discussions:, Discord server

After last year’s event held online and in current crazy times at the same time, we are preparing the tenth year of the traditional Winter Karaoke party for you! Although we would very much like this year’s anniversary to take place under better circumstances, the situation does not give us much choice. This year, the meetup will take place with a limited number of a maximum of 100 people and in compliance with the anti-epidemic measures described in the Rules of Participation (see link above).

Nevertheless, we will do everything that we can to be able to meet again during Christmas time after a long period of separation and to enjoy time together with everything that belongs to pony fun. Everyone is welcome, whether you want to meet with your friends from Czequestria (or any other convention) or you want to experience the first-ever pony meetup to explore what pony fun looks like.

If you do not know how Winter Karaoke Party goes, check out the photos and videos from previous years – this year, of course, it will be on a smaller scale and with a limited program. The meetup is suitable for participants of all ages.

So don’t hesitate; and mark your calendars and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with bronies! (For more information see the text below)

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