10th Winter Karaoke Party (2021) – thank you! (also photos and videos)

Winter Karaoke party 2021 - group photo; author: Blue Storm
Winter Karaoke party 2021 – group photo; author: Blue Storm

Thanks to the organizers, volunteers, sound engineers, graphic designers, and other helpers who participated in the preparations for this CZ/SK brony community 10th-year traditional pre-Christmas meeting!

Thanks to all the visitors that they arrived and showed their support to us in these difficult times! We appreciate it a lot!

Our thanks also go to those who immortalized this year’s meeting in videos and photos! Links to photo and video galleries are listed below in this post.

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Videos from BronyCon 2019

9. 10. 2020 Jamis
BronyCon 2019 logo

Over a year ago, the biggest MLP: FiM convention took place in Baltimore (USA) for the last time. Czech and Slovak Bronies could not miss the grand final show! We brought back a ton of unforgettable memories.

While nothing compares to a personal experience, we can share a bit of the great atmosphere with you via our stories, photos, and videos. Thanks to Fang, who documented the whole event and edited the clip below, you can also feast your eyes on the amazing things prepared for visitors from all around the world. This clip is part of a series of 11 BronyCon videos, which is available on Fang’s website (also for download).

It’s been said, that everything that began has to come to an end. Saying goodbye is especially hard when we go through something extraordinary – and we sure may say the very last BronyCon was just like that!

Report from Czequestria 2019

Libuše - info 2019

Hi, everypony! It’s almost a year after Czequestria and the world of conventions changed, unlike anything we knew so far. Now, when we can’t meet each other so easily, all the amazing moments we shared in the past can give us the light in these darker times.

Memories of the time spent together represent the hope, that one day we’ll meet again and enjoy the Magic of Friendship as we know it!

Here… we give you “Czequestria, Ancient World” by Jan “Honzdir” Sedláček.

4th Big CZ/SK bronies meetup 2013 (Prague)

4. Velký sraz CZ/SK bronies 2013 (Praha) - sraz na začátek LARPu

On October 19, 2013, the 4th Big Meetup of CZ/SK bronies took place in Prague – it was also the first meetup organized by the CZ/SK Bronies z.s. association.

The whole event started with a sightseeing game around Prague, called “Cutiemark Crusaders – Universe Travelers”. The participants of the game took on the roles of Cutiemark Crusaders (young ponies looking for their life missions). The game began with a large number of 26 teams on Palackého náměstí, from where groups of three players later set out on a route described by fragments of Princess Twilight Sparkle’s diary. The groups then went through interesting locations in Prague and performed thematic tasks.
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