Friday LARP – everything you need to know

23. 6. 2022 , Jamis
Miss Libussa 202X - Moon info

At every MLP con, you will find something unique, and typical for the event. The most distinctive program piece at Czequestria is Friday’s all-day MLP-themed game, taking place in the area of Prague: for one day, the participants in groups will take the role of characters from the MLP world and go on a journey to… but no spoilers, come and see for yourself!

If you have never participated in such a game and you are not sure what to expect (or you are just curious), be sure to check out the Czequestria 2019 LARP video or take a look at photos from Czequestria in previous years.

Detailed information about Friday’s program can be found on the Program – LARP page.

Robert Cullen – visit from the world of “MLP: A New Generation”

Robert Cullen
Robert Cullen
“MLP: A New Generation” director
Robert Cullen - MLP G5 OC
As a character from MLP G5;
art by

As My Little Pony Universe recently expanded into a new environment, characters, and plot, so did the circle of those who give the world of Equestria the look as we know it. We are therefore honored to welcome to Czequestria one of the MLP 5th generation team members, who is none other than Robert Cullen, the director of “MLP: A New Generation” and the founder of the Boulder Media animation studio!

Although his name might not sound very familiar to most Bronies, the fifth-generation pilot is definitely not his first encounter with the MLP world.

Check out the Czequestria guests page for info on where it was and how he further participated in the pilot film of the fifth generation of My Little Pony.

Ticket sale for Czequestria 2022 is now open

Miss Libussa 2022 - tickets

It took a while but waiting for tickets is over! To get them, just open the Tickets page and click on the “Buy” button next to the name of the specific ticket tier (if you do not see the button, reload the page).

The sales system has undergone many improvements since the last time: for bank transfer payments, you can use also the QR code (for payments from a mobile banking app), which is displayed after a successful registration. This works both for payments in Czech crowns and euros.

Although we prefer payment by bank transfer (incl. SEPA payments) due to low fees, we have added the option of using payment cards (provided by Stripe gateway) instead of PayPal. The main reason is PayPal’s high transaction fee – if you need to use it for payment, contact us by e-mail at

Also, if you view our site on a mobile phone, it should be much clearer than before, and the same applies to the ticket system.

Anyway… the Tickets is the page you are looking for now!

MelodicPony In Memoriam – concert!

11. 3. 2022 Jamis
Czequestria 2014 - Miss Libussa

After the successful campaign of the MelodicPony In Memoriam project, the project launched on a full scale! The orchestra rehearsals planning has begun, and the recording will take place on March 20 this year in the Municipal House in Prague.

When the recording is done, the project will focus on live performances. The date of one of the concerts is already known: it will take place on November 5, 2022, in Prague’s Lantern Big Hall (originally scheduled for December last year, then postponed due to the covid). Detailed information about the concert, including the program, can be found on the Prague Film Orchestra website (CZ) – tickets are already on sale!

During the orchestra’s rehearsals, a short video has been made – with an excerpt of the song Princess Twilight Orchestral Suite:

You can find current information about the project on Facebook, or Twitter.

MelodicPony In Memoriam – crowdfunding successful

24. 1. 2022 Jamis
Czequestria 2014 - Miss Libussa

The bronies community has once again shown its endless potential to create amazing things by joining together! 125 people contributed to the crowdfunding of the MelodicPony In Memoriam project and contributed total

146 215 CZK (5,653 EUR)

which is 141% of the target amount.

Many thanks to all the contributors! Now, we look forward to both the live concert and the recording!

Our big thanks also go to Bori, who organizes this whole project! By the way – and it’s really just a coincidence – did you know that Bori is the only person you can see on all the actual banners in the header of this website?

Christmas and New Year pony postcard 2021

21. 12. 2021 Jamis

Do you wish to send someone an original winter holiday greeting card with the My Little Pony theme? Just tell us the recipient’s name and address and in a few days, the recipient (anywhere in the world) will receive a postcard with Miss Libussa, the mascot of Czequestria, and the city of Prague – with your message attached!

And if we are still within the event budget, sending the postcard is free of charge – voluntary contribution to our transparent bank account (info in the link above) is appreciated.

Miss Libussa - Winter pony postcard 2021
Miss Libussa – Winter pony postcard 2021; art by: MesuYoru