You can come across the CZ/SK bronies community in many places – here are some of the most active: – the CZ/SK bronies discussion board and also one of the first gatherings of MLP: FiM fans established in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. If you don’t want to be too visible on other channels, or you’re thinking about joining the community, a forum will be the best choice. logo
MLPinfo – web page about the MLP facts and also a news portal – a smaller Czech equivalent of the Equestria Daily, which will be appreciated especially by those who are less fluent in English.MLP-info logo
CZ/SK bronies on DeviantArt – drawings, paintings, tutorials, short stories, and more. Don’t be fooled by the name: it is the largest server for works of art of all kinds from people around the world. Here you will find extensive work not only from bronies and not only from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.CZ/SK bronies - dA logo