Winter Karaoke Party – vendoring

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Even this year, we have prepared a space for you to sell and present your artwork.

All vendors with pony-related merchandise are welcome. This option is open for all event attendees as long as you and your goods follow the rules.

Vendor rules
Information for vendors
Obtaining the Vendor Pass

Vendor rules

  • All vendors have to comply with the event rules along with the following vendor rules. All these rules must be respected strictly and without any exceptions!
  • You have to register to sell any goods during the event. For registration please see the details below.
  • All merchandise must be suitable for all ages, as this is a family-friendly event. Any adult content (i.e. violence, pornography) is strictly forbidden to be displayed or sold at the event at all times. Failure to comply with this warning may result in removal from the Vendor Area, the revocation of Vendor status, forfeiture of vendor fee, or even removal from the event. In case of doubts about whether you can or not do/sell something, please ask before, or during the beginning of the event.
  • Pirated version of official merchandise is forbidden.
  • In case of the use of designs and/or artwork made by somebody else, you are responsible for obtaining permission from them. In case of need, you should be able to prove the permission on-demand from event staff (written permission, even in electronic form, online message). If you fail to comply, you might be asked to stop selling certain items, the event staff has doubts about.
  • Tax liability is solely on you. The organizers hold no responsibility for your taxes, if and how you have to pay them.
  • Every selling person has to have an event attendee ticket, which allows event entry. Winter Karaoke Party is not made only to sell stuff, but to have fun and enjoy the meetup as well!

Information for vendors

The vendor area is located along the side of the main hall – vendor tables are placed in a row next to each other.

  • The vendor fee is 300 CZK (~12€) per table (up to 900 CZK / 37€ per 3 tables)
  • Vendoring applies for the whole event (Saturday)
What will be provided to you as a vendor:
  • Table of size ~120×80 cm and chairs.
  • We can provide a power socket
    • only for low-power consumption devices (laptops, monitors, lights, etc.) upon request (state it in the registration). If you are not sure or have another device you want to connect, please let us upon registration – we have to comply with safety regulations.
  • Entry to the building at least 1 hour earlier before attendees are allowed in.
  • We don’t offer any special parking spots– there is no paid parking zone in the area and there are usually free parking spots.

Obtaining the Vendor Pass

There are 3 steps to obtain a Vendor Pass:

    1. Register via the application webform (when registrations are opened) and be accepted as a vendor.
    2. Buy a ticket to Winter Karaoke Party that includes event entry.
    3. Pay vendor fee onsite (you don’t have to worry about this – it will be charged sometime during the Winter Karaoke event)

If you have any problems/questions about vendoring, feel free to write us an e-mail at