Events and meetups

The main activity of the association is the organization of meetups and events of all kinds for bronies from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Whether it’s a community gathering on various occasions, or the preparation of an MLP program at conventions, which is attended by fans of various genres.

Not all events and meetups are documented here on the website – but we are adding the missing records little by little.


Convention (meeting of fans) with the theme of My Little Pony, aimed at both domestic and foreign audiences. It represents the largest meeting of our CZ/SK community with bronies from all over Europe and also the biggest organizational challenge – while the first year was attended by over two hundred participants and organizers, in 2019 these numbers more than doubled.

Following the example of similar foreign events, we invite both important guests who co-create our favorite series (eg voice actors, dubbers, screenwriters …) and community guests who are famous for their MLP-themed works, whether they are musicians, cartoonists, or game developers.

Czequestria takes place in Prague and its official language is English – that’s why you will find there many foreign fans from all over Europe.

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Winter Karaoke Party

The annual meeting of the bronies – as the name suggests – at Christmas time, focused not only on karaoke and music but also on a meetup in peace and quiet, chatting with friends and the proper Christmas presents giveaway. Karaoke was originally intended as a small event for a few friends, but after the success of the first year, when the participation reached almost eighty attendees, it became one of the main events of the CZ/SK community: around 160 bronies regularly attend the traditional pre-Christmas meetup today.

The Winter Karaoke Party takes place in Prague and brings together mainly the community from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Sometimes, few of our brony friends from abroad pay us a visit, but unlike Czequestria, you can hear mostly Czech and Slovak language here.

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Big CZ/SK bronies meetups

Since the beginning of the brony fandom, random larger or smaller meetups have taken place in various places. As the community and events grew, people from more distant places became more and more involved. The content of the meetups is very diverse, so everyone can come up with their own: whether it’s discussions about the series or joint activities of all kinds – drawing, singing, board, and music games, sitting and chatting with long-unseen friends, or welcoming new members, who come together to meet fellow fans.

The big meetups of the CZ/SK bronies community take place occasionally – at first, the meetup place was mostly Prague, in recent years the original idea of moving the big meetups to various places has been fulfilled: the meetups took place in Brno, Bratislava, Ostrava, Žihla and most recently in Ústí nad Labem.

Large gatherings outside Prague are usually organized by groups of local bronies, who (mostly) are not part of the association. Some events also have their own names, so you can meet names like Friendship Fest, North Brony Reunion, or My Little Ostrava.

Events are usually arranged on the discussion board in the section “Srazy”. The big meetup is intended for everyone who feels like a fan of the MLP series and likes to meet others.

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