10th Winter Karaoke Party (2021) – thank you! (also photos and videos)

Winter Karaoke party 2021 - banner; art by Light
Winter Karaoke party 2021; art by Light

Thanks to the organizers, volunteers, sound engineers, graphic designers, and other helpers who participated in the preparations for this CZ/SK brony community 10th-year traditional pre-Christmas meeting!

Thanks to all the visitors that they arrived and showed their support to us in these difficult times! We appreciate it a lot!

Our thanks also go to those who immortalized this year’s meeting in videos and photos! Links to photo and video galleries are listed below in this post.

Photo galleries

Additional information about the event can be found in the 10th Winter Karaoke party (2021) post.

From official photographers

From attendees


Footage from the entire event was taken and edited by Fang – all videos from the Winter Karaoke Party 2021 (including annotations and download links) can also be found on his website fangfactory.net.