Winter Karaoke party 2023 – photos, videos and few words

Winter Karaoke party 2023 - group photo; author: NitramBro
Winter Karaoke party 2023 – group photo; author: NitramBro

“It’s a meetup, not a con…”

… which means more time for new and long-seen friends and brony fellows 🙂 moments more valuable nowadays when life calls and meetups are not as frequent as before. Winter Karaoke is not mainly about the program, activities, shopping, but mainly about the people – whether they have attended for the first time, or we see each other every year. But there are also plenty of activities and entertainment throughout the day. And how was our traditional pre-Christmas meetup this year?

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Winter Karaoke party 2023 – Christmas decoration

Two weeks left until our Christmas meetup, and with the deadline getting closer for sponsor tickets, we are ordering rewards for everyone who decided to support this year’s Winter Karaoke. Some take a longer time, others are made in a few days and surprise us with early delivery.

Every year we try to come up with something new and as many merch sellers will tell you, it’s not easy. This year, the choice fell on a themed Christmas decoration, which we want to share with you. Author of the design is MesuYoru.

We look forward to seeing you at the Winter Karaoke Party!

Winter Karaoke party 2023 – Christmas decoration
Winter Karaoke party 2023 – Christmas decorations

Vendor and program registrations for Winter Karaoke Party 2023 are open

Miss Libussa 2022 - Standard

From the very beginning, our pre-Christmas meetup goes along with the unofficial motto “It’s a meeting, not a con”, which means, among other things, that meeting others is the main purpose of the event. The main one, but not the only one: in addition to the Christmas gift giveaway, free drawing and music games, there is an opportunity for the fan program contributions, whether in the form of panels, competitions or quizzes (we will provide prizes for the winners) or themed workshops.

In short, there is a place (and equipment) available for anypony who wants to prepare an activity for others or show others something from the world of MLP or its fans. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular – because the Winter Karaoke party is about having fun together 🙂 Join the event program too!

>> Program registration for the Winter Karaoke party

An integral part of any major brony event is the sale of artwork and other My Little Pony-related (or inspired) items – the vast majority of fans will quickly get their fill of official merch, and this is where artists, vendors and sellers come in with their sales of various items from original posters and buttons to engraved glasses and pony-themed t-shirts. Do you want to have your own vendor or exhibitor stand?

>> Vendor registration for the Winter Karaoke party

If you have any questions, write to us on our Discord server or by e-mail. We look forward to your applications!

12th Winter Karaoke party (2023)

Winter Karaoke party 2023 - banner - text
Libussa, Radoslava and winter fun (art by Dyonys)

When: Saturday 9th December 2023 (10:00–19:00)
Where: KC Novodvorská, Praha, Czech Republic (map)
Discussions: Discord server,

The world seems to be changing before our eyes faster than ever before, fifth generation of MLP is going to reveal next chapter and if it weren’t for the year in the name of our traditional pre-Christmas meetup, we would slowly forget how much time has passed since its beginning. Twelve years is a long time for anypony, so we are glad that even after years we are meeting in large numbers, not only to remember the experiences of the past, but also to add a few more on top. We will do everything that we can to be able to meet in person again during Christmas time and to enjoy time together with everything that belongs to pony fun. Winter Karaoke party trots on.

Everyone who wants to enjoy fun with ponies in the run-up to Christmas is welcome! Whether you want to meet your friends from Czequestria (and other cons or meetups), or you want to experience the first-ever pony meetup to explore what pony fun looks like.

If you do not know how Winter Karaoke Party goes, check out the photos and videos from previous years. The meetup is suitable for participants of all ages (children under 12 have free entry).

So don’t hesitate, mark the date in your calendars and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with bronies & ponies! (For more information see the text below)

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