4th Winter Karaoke Party (2015) – photos and videos

Winter Karaoke party 2015 - banner
Winter Karaoke party 2015; art by Melgarh

The past year was probably the most exhausting one since the beginning of brony fandom in CZ/SK. The second Czequestria ended up being even more successful than the first, and some bronies managed to visit more than 10 big events during the year, and the fourth annual Winter Karaoke was the cherry on top of the cake before a well-deserved rest and gathering strength for the next year of conventions and meetups.

Sokolovna Řepy became our venue again, packed with visitors and a program – traditional parts together with more or less crazy ideas brought to perfection, which kept the pony fun going all day and into the evening.

We look forward to seeing you again next time! More meetups, more ponies – yay!

Photo galleries

Photos from the event from all angles. Additional information about the event can be found in the Winter Karaoke – the 4th pre-Christmas meetup post (in CZ).


This year’s Karaoke received an amazing “CZ/SK” music video from Jerry411, which features not only photos from various meetings and conventions, but also animated Miss Libussa and Radoslava!

From the group photo by Creepy, we also have a PFUDOR video and a overview video of the whole event by Fang. Thanks to everyone for their efforts!