5th Winter Karaoke party (2016)

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Winter Karaoke party 2016

For the fifth time, the traditional Winter Karaoke party took place before Christmas, which ended the whole year 2016 for bronies from the Czech and Slovak Republic. An hour before noon, the doors to the venue opened, where everything was prepared so that every visitor could enjoy the real pre-Christmas atmosphere with ponies.

Small anniversary or five years together

This year we made a few changes to the Mane Hall, so the improved bar has become a very welcome place for many. Not only classic drinks were served there, but also particularly interesting drinks that found their favorites among adult bronies. Of course, there was also a traditional chocolate fountain, without which it probably wouldn’t be the same meetup any more.

After an official welcome, a surprise in the form of two wonderful cakes with the CZ/SK bronies logo smiled at all the participants in front of the stage. The five-year anniversary simply has to be celebrated somehow, and who else should cut the cake than the two main bronies.cz admins CzAdamV and Flaiming, who have been guarding our forum for such a long time. Everyone could then take a piece and taste the art of Jamis’s sister, who is an excellent pastry chef.

Fun wherever you look – just like every year

Karaoke singing was heard not only in the room on the first floor: everyone could try to sing their favorite song directly on the main stage as well. Another attraction was RockBand and the music game Jubeat which is home in faraway Japan, imported by Xsoft,

Only after the event was in full swing, it became clear how many bronies came with cosplay of ponies or other favorite heroes. From the simplest ones to those that could easily go to a competition. This raised the atmosphere of the whole day even higher. Especially when two fursuits appeared among us: WaderFox with Miss Libussa and Icazo with Littlepip. As if the cosplays and fursuits brought back good memories from the big bronycons of the past year.

In the next part of the program, Frolda, as a member of the Fénix ProDabing company, showed us how to voice pony characters in a pony parody of the Jurassic Park. He was followed by Fang, Black Noodles, Coldfire and TjSnake, who spoke about their visit to BronyCon and TrotCon behind a big puddle – in the USA.

Christmas gifts, group photo and overall chill-out

Meanwhile, our favorite Santa Pajzl was already preparing behind the scenes, and he took it upon himself to give presents to the worthy bronies. Many gifts gathered under the Christmas tree, from drawings to gingerbread Pinkie Pie and others that soon found their new owners. It all worked the same way as previous years, when everyone who wanted to give a gift put it under the tree and put their name or nickname in the box. The raffle then took place in such a way that Santa Pajzl drew a name tag from the box and his helper randomly selected a gift from under the tree.

Then I, BlueStorm, took care of the group photo. Although it was a bit more difficult to line up enough people to get everyone in the photo, it was also manageable.

It was nice to see that even after years there are many bronies who want to enjoy the atmosphere in the community of ponies and good well-being. In fact, the entire Winter Karaoke was held in a relaxed spirit, and for that we need to thank all the organizers who participated in the whole day. Even an event like this, where 160 people gathered, needs to be looked after, and it simply wouldn’t be possible without many dedicated people.

So all that remains is to look forward to the next meetup in 2017 and once again enjoy the magic of friendship between bronies and ponies!


Mane Hall recordings

Footage from the entire event was taken and edited by Fang – all videos from the Winter Karaoke Party 2017 can also be found in the playlist on his YT channel.

From the preparations and the meetup

Videos from participants, organizers and the overview of the entire event.

Photo galleries

Additional information about the event can be found in the 5th Winter Karaoke party (2016) post (in CZ).

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