7th Winter Karaoke Party (2018) – photos and videos

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Winter Karaoke party 2018

“Drink rum!”

If anyone happened to be looking for which event this phrase appeared for the first time, it was this year. Fortunately, it was just a “con organizer simulator”: a computer game created by Xsoft who let volunteers (to the amusement of the audience and occasional embarrassed looks from the organizers) play it on stage. So, instead of completing tasks in the game, they sometimes tested what the characters (played by the real organizers of Czequestria) could withstand in different situations.

And this year it was certainly not the only surprise…

There was no shortage of randomness, whether it was random meetings, addressed Christmas wishes, or improvised (p) things on the stage when the program was not running. In addition to traditional music games, this year we also had a corner for lovers of older videogames and VR.

Organizers of large meetups in the Czech Republic and Slovakia announced events for next year, and we also received news about the upcoming documentary about Libussa, which was the inspiration for the pony mascot of Prague and Czequestria. There was also a new fan dubbing from FénixPro dubbing association and an attendees pictures gallery.

The program was packed, it ran fast, and with such many visitors, it could easily appear to an independent observer, that it is indeed a con, not a meetup 🙂

Thanks to everyone who participated and even bigger thanks to everyone who made the event happen!

Photo galleries

Additional information about the event can be found in the 7th Winter Karaoke party (2018) post.

From official photographers

From attendees


Footage from the entire event was taken and edited by Fang – all videos from the Winter Karaoke Party 2019 (including annotations and download links) can also be found on his website fangfactory.net.

The program also included a screening of Lord of the Rings Re-enacted by Ponies in Czech fan dubbing (the original: Lord of the Rings Re-enacted by Ponies).