Winter Karaoke party 2013

Winter Karaoke party 2013 - group photo; author: CreepyRiver

December 15, 2013, was declared as the day for the second event of the CZ/SK Bronies z.s. It was already the fifth major meetup of CZ/SK Bronies, this time with a touch of Christmas atmosphere.

After last year’s success of the same meetup (originally planned for six people, ended up with almost 80 participants), it was only a matter of finding a place where we could fit comfortably this year.

The search effort paid off – for this year, our venue was Sokolovna Řepy in Prague.


The main program included a panel about brony-themed events that take place all over the world, so all the good things that can be experienced within pony fandom. Next, the screening of thematic videos, including the premiere of the fan episode Snowdrop in the Czech language. The episode itself – very popular among bronies, by the way – was created by the Silly Filly Studios group, the Czech dubbing of Snowdrop was created by Fénix ProDabing).

The Christmas atmosphere came fast and close by mutual gift giving, in the proven way last year: everyone brought a gift, put it under the Christmas tree and wrote their name or nickname on a small piece of paper, which they then threw into a nearby box. At the end of the evening, one of the organizers randomly selected a gift from under the tree, and another drew the name of the person who received the gift.

Apart from the main program and free time to hang out with others, a rich accompanying program was prepared for the participants. My Little Karaoke was added to the traditional DDR, plus music sheets and instruments were prepared for those interested in music. For everypony interested in graphic and art, an exhibition of drawings by Czech and Slovak authors took place throughout the event and, of course, who wanted to get their own home, these were for sale.

The attendance this time did not reach a record – it probably happened because we were forced to move the date of the event from Saturday to Sunday at the last minute – but still, according to the feedback, the visitors had fun and enjoyed the beginning of the Christmas season to their heart’s content.

The event also appeared on Equestria Daily as “almost a convention” 🙂

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Recordings of preparations, program, random moments and overview of the entire event.


Invitation to the event, what the venue will look like and videos of the preparations.


Videos from the program and a overview of the entire event (including annotations and download links) can also be found on his website


Records of the event taken by Tom0147 remained unprocessed for a long time. In 2019, Fang picked them up, edited and published them.

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