Winter Karaoke party 2023 – photos, videos and few words

Winter Karaoke party 2023 - group photo; author: NitramBro
Winter Karaoke party 2023 – group photo; author: NitramBro

“It’s a meetup, not a con…”

… which means more time for new and long-seen friends and brony fellows 🙂 moments more valuable nowadays when life calls and meetups are not as frequent as before. Winter Karaoke is not mainly about the program, activities, shopping, but mainly about the people – whether they have attended for the first time, or we see each other every year. But there are also plenty of activities and entertainment throughout the day. And how was our traditional pre-Christmas meetup this year?

Last year, we moved the event to KC Novodvorská – the original venue was getting smaller, and a year ago this place proved useful: more rooms for all music games, a larger main hall and better facilities. We already knew the place, planning was easier and both new and long-term members of the organizing team did a great job, even though that the landlords opened the building to us an hour later than expected. Nothing we can’t handle.

This year’s participation did not break the record – partly because the annual meeting was also held in Poland and Cologne on the same weekend (unfortunately, it was not possible to change the date on either side). We look forward to seeing our neighbors next time! Perhaps at the event, announced right at the beginning: Nugget’s Night of Neighem a concert of brony bands from all over Europe, which will take place in mid-April this year in Prague.

Musical plays are classics this meetup after all, it got its name from one of them. Anyone can play, usually in multiplayer – be it My Little Karaoke, My Little Rockband or Trotmania (DDR). Last year we also had BeatSaber in VR for the first time, and since it worked (alternating with PonyVRville), it was on at the same place this year.

Over the years, it might seem that the program in the main hall has not changed, but that is a bit deceiving: this year’s brony music quiz certainly surprised (very pleasantly) and I think we also had a theater play for the first time. A Christmas treat with Santa Pajzlaus was not missing at any Winter Karaoke, and this year was no exception. And if anypony wants to show off their creations to the community live, where else than here?

There were also merch sellers and an unofficial gathering of stuffed animals on stage – they deserve their own gathering too, don’t they?

This year’s Karaoke came to a successful end. With wishes for a peaceful Christmas, a Happy New Year and thanks to everyone, we sang “It’s a pony kind of Christmas” together at the end and drove home.

If you liked it, let us know on the forum or on the Czequestria Discord!

We look forward to seeing you again next time!

Photo galleries

Photos from the event from all angles. Additional information about the event can be found in the 12th Winter Karaoke Party (2023) post.


Footage from the entire event was taken and edited by Fang – all videos from the Winter Karaoke Party 2023 (including annotations and download links) can also be found on his website