Winter Karaoke party (2012)

Winter Karaoke party 2012 - tree
Winter Karaoke 2012

A pre-Christmas karaoke meetup, announced in mid-August and originally meant for a few people, to which so many people gradually joined that it eventually turned into a meetup of dozens of bronies. And even though it was clear even before the start that this is the last meetup held at that location, as the date approached, the enthusiasm grew higher and higher.

All the breaks in the planned program were eventually filled as more and more parts were added until it seemed that the entire evening would not be enough. In addition, a few people announced that they were celebrating their birthday around the meetup date, so it was expected that we would definitely not be bored…

Winter Karaoke party 2012 - banner
Winter Karaoke party 2012

The expectations (and probably a bit of fear) of the organizers became real at the very beginning, when the place for the meetup (the Tečka bar near Arbesovo náměstí in Prague) started to fill up with attendees. At the planned start, it could be said that the pub was more than full. Lyrel welcomed us all, formally opening the event, and the fun as well as the great atmosphere of being able to symbolically celebrate Christmas together kicked into high gear.

Karaoke, drawing, blindbags, singing, general chat, Christmas gift giveaway, reminiscing about shared experiences and making plans for the next time were all around us. Just all kinds of fun that is an inherent part of the proper brony meetup. There was also a christening of a brony songbook from Lyrel and, for those interested, also a brony calendar with pictures from Eseona.

And the rest… is history 🙂 just look at the forum in the thread Zimní Karaoke MLP Párty v Praze – it definitely leave no one in doubt that the event was a success and so was the Christmas gift giveaway. It’s hard to say whether we were more tired or satisfied (most likely both), but it was clear beyond any doubt that we would have to try much harder at the next event and that we would not be able to get away with renting a pub. Plus, January’s PragoFFest was fast approaching and whether we liked it or not, this hype train was moving faster and faster and it didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime soon…

Winter Karaoke party 2012 - group photo
Winter Karaoke party 2012 – group photo (author: CreepyRiver)

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Photos from the event from all angles.



Only a few recordings of the entire event have survived until today. You can also find some videos in the photo gallery from BlueStorm, including the start of the whole party.

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