Winter Karaoke party 2017 – report

Winter Karaoke party 2017 - group photo

The sixth annual Winter Karaoke Party is over. From humble beginnings in 2012, this longest-running CZ/SK bronies fandom event has developed into an annual pre-Christmas meetup that could already be called a one-day convention with all the pony fun. Dozens of bronies from the Czech Republic and Slovakia meet here every year in the pre-Christmas atmosphere, and in recent years also our friends from abroad join us.

The event is suitable for everypony: whether you want to meet your friends from Czequestria and other cons or see for the first time how a bronies event looks like with all the thematic fun. At the Winter Karaoke party, it doesn’t really matter whether you sing My Little Karaoke, participate in the Christmas gifts giveaway, draw, or just look around and enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas together – the important thing is that we are all together and leave the outside world outside for a while.

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Czequestria 2017: The Digital Frontier

Walking along the edge of the digital world is our daily life nowadays. But we observe the thin line between our and the one-and-zero reality still from one side. How could it change our lives, when we decide to cross the digital border? What welcome would the digital Equestria inhabitants prepare for us?

Czequestria 2017 will bring us as close as possible – to the DIGITAL FRONTIER!

Czequestria 2017 - poster; design: Wander Fox
Poster Czequestria 2017; design: Wander Fox