4th Big CZ/SK bronies meetup 2013 (Prague)

4. Velký sraz CZ/SK bronies 2013 (Praha) - sraz na začátek LARPu

On October 19, 2013, the 4th Big Meetup of CZ/SK bronies took place in Prague – it was also the first meetup organized by the CZ/SK Bronies z.s. association.

The whole event started with a sightseeing game around Prague, called “Cutiemark Crusaders – Universe Travelers”. The participants of the game took on the roles of Cutiemark Crusaders (young ponies looking for their life missions). The game began with a large number of 26 teams on Palackého náměstí, from where groups of three players later set out on a route described by fragments of Princess Twilight Sparkle’s diary. The groups then went through interesting locations in Prague and performed thematic tasks.
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