Staff application for 10th Winter Karaoke Party (2021) is now open!

Miss Libussa - info

Although the current situation can be described as dark times for meetups, there is still a possibility to meet in person again (although this requires additional measures and restrictions) and we will do everything we can to make this year’s Winter Karaoke Party take place at the traditional venue!

No bigger event can happen without a team of volunteers (also called staff): so, whether you are a veteran or just want to volunteer for the first time, now is your chance. Staff sign-up for this year’s Winter Karaoke Party is now open!

>> Join the staff team <<

We appreciate your help, and many thanks in advance to everypony who decides to join the group effort!

How will it be with the Winter Karaoke Party 2021

Czequestria 2014 - Miss Libussa

The potential date of the traditional big meetup of (not only) CZ / SK bronies gets closer and the questions are coming along: when, where, and if this year’s Winter Karaoke Party will actually happen. The overall situation seems unclear again, but compared to last year (when Winter Karaoke took place online) we might have a better chance of meeting again in person – although this will probably require additional measures, some of which we will be told shortly before the event (according to the current situation).

Despite all this, we believe that it will be possible to meet, even if it won’t be as free as usual. And now the important thing:

this year’s Winter Karaoke Party will take place on Saturday, December 18, 2021

We’ll meet at the usual place: Sokolovna Řepy in Prague, Czech Republic. Friday’s pre-party will only take place if current conditions allow it.

Date and place of Czequestria 202X revealed!

24. 10. 2021 , Jamis
Miss Libussa 202X - Sun info

After a long break from conventions and meetups, the cloudy sky is finally clearing up! So it’s time to kick another cloud out of the sky and fill in a few blank fields on your calendars:

Czequestria 202X will take place on August 19-21, 2022

And as in previous years, we’ll meet together in KD Krakov in Prague, Czech Republic.

Czequestria 202X – an introduction & answers from the team

Miss Libussa 202X - Sun info

Sometimes it feels there is nothing more to look forward to and that pony meetups are all in the past. However, our team has not given up yet, and despite everything, we’re still out there working. The atmosphere of big events is something we are all missing and want to experience again. So far, we can promise you one thing for sure:

We are planning Czequestria 202X and the theme will be “Sun vs. Moon”!

The last time we traveled through time, now we’re thinking space! You can look forward to an event filled with contrasts. Will you side with the light or the darkness? Or do we need a bit of both to restore the balance? We’re already excited to see your takes on the theme in costumes, art, and anything else you choose to bring to the event. Remember, the sky’s the limit!

Additional information and answers to frequently asked questions can be found at website.

Welcome new members of the association and the Council for 2021-2024!

15. 1. 2021 Jamis
CZ/SK bronies logo - text

On January 7, 2021, four new members joined our team: Fang, Frolda, MattKa, and pipa943.

The Assembly of members subsequently elected them to the Council of the association – all of them have participated in the organization of events organized (not only) by us in the past, and are now officially permanent members of the team. We wish them a lot of success!

An overview of the association members and the current Council can be found on the page About us – Contacts and people.

Winter pony postcard 2020

29. 12. 2020 Jamis

Do you wish to send someone an original winter holiday greeting card with the “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” theme? Let us know via the form and in a few days, the recipient (anywhere in the world) will receive a postcard with Miss Libussa, the mascot of Czequestria, and the city of Prague – with your message attached!

And if we are still within our budget, sending the postcard is for free 🙂

Miss Libussa - Winter pony postcard 2020
Miss Libussa – Winter pony postcard 2020; art by: Cwossie